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Looking for a great deal on affordable handyman services in the Los Angeles area? Consider Los Angeles Handyman for all your repair and installation needs whenever you need someone to assist you fast quality service. For well over a decade we've serviced many homes, commercial businesses, and recreational areas anytime they needed someone they can rely on. If you happen to be dealing with broken home installations or simply looking to upgrade give us a call to utilize our affordable handyman services in Los Angeles. Our operators are available 24 hours a day to take your call and send out a handyman right away.

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Painting Service

We offer both exterior and interior painting within our handyman services in Los Angeles. The services also includes finishing and once we're done with the job you won't have to worry about repainting for years on end. If you have a custom look or design be sure to give the details to our handymen who will get the job done right the first time.

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Furniture Installation Service

Need help with furniture installation service or repairing your beds, sofas, tables, chairs, desks, or cabinets within Los Angeles? There is no need to get confused trying to read the instructions when you can hire our handymen to get it installed or repaired fast. Forget about dealing with hieroglyphic like instructions from popular furniture outlets, our handymen at Los Angeles Handyman got it handled. Our carpenters and handyman technicians have years of extensive experience with furniture installation service and handyman services in Los Angeles


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Lighting Repair & Installation Service

We receive many calls for lighting handyman services daily. Our lighting repair and installation service have become very popular for homeowners and business owners who are looking for better ambient lighting. Our lighting repair & installation handyman services include: Changing hard-to-reach bulbs, installing light fixtures, hanging Christmas lights as well as replacing fluorescent light bulbs. We have access to a series of light bulbs and long bulbs so to match any you may need, we’ll do it!

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Recessed Lighting Installation Service

Many home owners and business owners seek the right type of light ambiance by utilizing our recessed lighting installation handyman services within Los Angeles. Whether it's LED lights, new trim, or even help with installing the housings our handyman services will assist you for the best possible price. If you need help selecting a certain style or fit for your location they are more than glad to shed some light on new ideas.

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Door Installation Service

Within our handyman services we install bathroom doors, exterior doors, gates, screens, windows, showers to garages, and any other type of entrance way you're looking to enhance or repair. If you like what you already have then ask about our repair services for doors (all types), installation for all doors, windows, garages, and we'll even change the locks if you need them re-keyed. How you improve your home or business is 100% towards your liking, we just handle the work to get it done via our handyman services in Los Angeles.

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Television Mounting Service

Homeowners and business owners in Los Angeles consistently call us for our television mounting handyman services. They will usually inquire about our electrical services at the same time since there may be specific customization needed in order to match towards your current electrical setup. Our handyman techs are equipped with all the required tools to guarantee that your TV mounting is done safely and securely. Your walls will always remain intact and minimize accidents from happening. Give us a call anytime you seek our television mounting handyman services within the Los Angeles area.


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